Support for context-driven applications in Ambient Intelligence environments

Ondersteuning voor contextgedreven applicaties in Ambient Intelligence omgevingen

PhD Defense - July 1, 2009 at 17:00 - 200A Auditorium 00.225
  • Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Y. Berbers
  • Short abstract: Fueled by ongoing developments of wireless communication and sensor technologies in ubiquitous/pervasive computing and Ambient Intelligence (AmI), context-aware computing has gained a great deal of attention since the mid nineties. New applications are emerging that are aware of the context of their usage and that adapt their behavior accordingly with minimal distraction of the user. Context-awareness deals with the ability of applications to utilize information about the user's context, including the time of day, his location and activities, etc., in order to adapt applications to the user's current situation and intentions.

    The development of context-aware applications that run in highly dynamic environments and that adapt to changing user requirements remains a complex and error-prone task. To remedy this situation, this thesis presents middleware support to facilitate the development of context-aware applications in an Ambient Intelligence environment. The main contributions of our research are context and application modeling abstractions and middleware support to handle context-driven adaptation of mobile services and applications.

  • PhD Dissertation: cw2009_06.pdf

  • Presentation: phd_presentation.ppt

  • Jury:
          Prof. Dr. ir. D. Vandermeulen, voorzitter/chairman
          Prof. Dr. ir. Y. Berbers, promotor
          Prof. Dr. ir. W. Joosen
          Prof. Dr. M. Denecker
          Dr. ir. G. Lafruit (IMEC)
          Prof. Dr. V. Issarny (INRIA, France)
          Prof. Dr. ir. E. Duval, secretaris/secretary
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