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Eclipse SWT

phoneME Advanced - Foundation Profile and Eclipse SWT

I have been asked a few times whether there are other possibilities to create graphical user interfaces with phoneME Advanced beyond the AWT support that Personal Profile provides. I am happy to say that Eclipse SWT works pretty well, except for a few things like custem widgets etc. Here are two screenshots of Jalimo SWT example applications

On Windows Mobile 6:

You can use the Foundation Profile binaries (which have no GUI support at all) and add the necessary Java and native SWT libraries to your paths. Here are the files you need to run the Eclipse SWT applications:

Copy all the jar and dll files into a folder \jalimo on your mobile device and create a startup file, e.g. jalimo.lnk, with the following content on one line (make sure you modify the paths where needed):

254#\foundation\bin\cvm.exe -cp "\jalimo\swt.jar;\jalimo\jalimo.jar" "-Djava.library.path=\jalimo" org.jalimo.examples.swt.SwtSample